A Brief Intro to Chemical Etching


What exactly is chemical etching?

Chemical etching also referred to as “chemical milling” or “industrial etching”, happens to be a subtractive procedure in manufacturing. The process involves the spraying or immersion of metals using temperature-regulated chemical substances for removing some particular areas in the metal so as to produce the required thickness, shape, and geometric features or complicated designs.

Chemical etching allows the producers to produce metallic components even with the most complicated and difficult designs, all whilst achieving consistent production quality and high repeatability.

How does the process work?

The conventional chemical etching process involves a sequence of essential steps:

1. Cleaning

In this step, the metal surface to be etched is prepared by getting rid of oils, grease, residues, plus some other pollutants. Cleaning happens to be a vital step given that a polluted surface might lead to improper adhesion of the photoresist film that can cause defects in the long run. When the process is completed, the workers must not handle the material using their hands since the material can become polluted by the oils and sweats from the human skin.

2. Lamination

In this step, a dry film photoresist is going to be applied to the surface. The areas of the metal which won’t be etched will be protected by the photoresist. These films will be applied to either side at the same time by laminating or rolling onto the material by making use of temperature, pressure, and at times water.

3. Exposure

The material, in this particular step, will be guided between a couple of “masks” having the negative image of the component that has to be produced. Either glass or mylar will be used for making these masks. Subsequently, collimated, high intensity, and ultraviolet light will be shined through the masks from either direction, thus crosslinking the film in sites where the mask images are not blocking the light.

4. Developing

The material has to be developed following the exposure. This particular step dissolves the non-crosslinked film chemically which is responsible for exposing the bare metal underneath. The material which is left safeguarded by the film will become the finished product in the long run.

5. Etching

After the development phase, the chemi etch chambers will be fed by the metal where etchant will be sprayed from the top as well as bottom at the same time. This procedure dissolves or etches the metal which is unprotected for achieving the desired item. Careful monitoring is needed by an etchant bath when it comes to the composition, concentration, and temperature of the etchant.

6. Stripping

The film will be removed from the etched material during this process by making use of one more concentration of chemistry.

7. Rinsing and Drying

During this phase, the product has become complete and the films are going to be removed. All residuals must be removed by significant rinsing. This process will be performed by making use of deionized water and reverse osmosis water.

Materials which are Ideal for Chemical Etching

Metals ideal for chemical etching consists of a wide array of nickel alloys, stainless steels, beryllium copper, copper, brass, as well as phosphor bronze.

Benefits offered by college counselor for a successful career.


After completing your school, the next step is to get admission into a reputable college to enhance your career and succeed in your life with the right study course. This is the reason why you need to put in extra efforts for getting into the best college as it lays the foundation for helping you get the right level of education that you want to complete. For this, it is important that you look for an experienced and skilled college counselor who will help you to achieve your goals. This professional has been handling the varying needs of the students for making sure that they will achieve their goals and will also be able to get a competitive edge over the other students.

There are many benefits of looking for a college counselor and the most important benefit is that it helps in alleviating the stress and anxiety of the students as well as their parents so that they will not get overwhelmed with the entire admission procedure. You will also be able to save a considerable amount of money that might be wasted when you make the wrong selection of college course as you will get the most valuable advice about the college where you should get into. College admission might be a difficult and stressful process, you will get the desired help from the college counselor who will help you to nail the interview and even get scholarship for your further studies. This can be the perk of working with professional who will help you with this process so that the entire process will move smoothly and you will get selected from the sea of applicants. You will be able to get into your dream college even when there are thousands of students applying for a limited number of seats as you will get ahead of other students and get complete peace of mind. You will get expert guidance from the counselor who is especially trained in helping students make life changing decisions pertaining to their studies and career. You will get counseling along with your parents because they also need to be counseled about the career that you have decided to opt for. This can be especially beneficial for you because you don’t have to talk to your parents regarding your career choice as the counselor will do the needful and you will enjoy getting admission into the college of your dream.

A college counselor plays a crucial role in enhancing your career so that you will succeed in opting a career of your choice and hence you will need to look for someone who is reliable and reputable. You should also look for the years of experience of the counselor as it indicates that he/she has been counseling students from many years in the past. It will give you the assurance that someone is there for you throughout the admission procedure and you will enjoy the best benefits for your career. You will need to take part in counseling session so that you will get into your dream college and turn your dream into reality.

Sat and Act Prep Classes


SAT and ACT are two vital tests for college admissions. There are so many subjects in these exams. A student should have a perfect idea about all of these subjects. Otherwise, he/she may no be able to score high in these tests.

Many students invest hours after hours to prepare for these exams. But unfortunately, they lack the right strategies. As a result, their score never satisfies them.

In reality, they need excellent tutors and great test preparations. When they understand their subjects profoundly, they score high in their tests.

‘Star Tutors’ is an excellent website. Their SAT and ACT prep classes are truly effective. They have multiple classroom options. As a result, students find all their subjects easy to understand.

All the features of this website are discussed below.

How ‘Star Tutors’ Can help you?

1) Multiple Test Preparation Options

‘Star Tutors’ has 4 types of classrooms. Different students understand in different ways. Hence, they have built these methods to teach their students. There are – ‘one-on-one classrooms’, ‘virtual classrooms’, ‘in-person classrooms’, and ‘self-study’. You can choose any of these classrooms to prepare for your SAT and ACT.

Virtual classrooms are easy to join. You just have to open your Facebook account to join this live classroom.

But you may not understand your subjects properly in these classes. In that case, you can choose a one-on-one classroom. So, the teacher can focus particularly on your problem.

If you love the traditional classroom atmosphere, then you can opt for an in-person classroom. But this classroom is not available in all the places ( LA only).

The self-study option allows you to get free content. You can study this content yourself. Furthermore, you can download their app – ‘StarU’. This app can help you to communicate with tutors anytime. Thus, ACT and SAT prep will be easy for you.

2) Friendly Tutors

Tutors should understand their students. Hence all the tutors of this website are friendly. They are experienced and educated. Moreover, these teachers have some unique ways to teach their students. As a result, they can solve all your problems.

The tutors listen to their students carefully. Then they answer their questions patiently. Hence, you will find these classes extremely helpful.

3) Great Test Preparation Strategies

This website offers exceptional test preparation strategies. Their practice tests are made with realistic questions. That’s why students find their actual SAT and ACT questions not so tough. They develop an idea about the real test. So, they find SAT and ACT questions easy to solve.

4) Affordable

‘Star Tutors’ SAT and ACT prep classes are available at affordable rates. So, any student can join these classes.

This website allows you to take preparation from your home. As a result, you can save your valuable time. Moreover, ‘Star Tutors’ have excellent tutors and perfect study materials. You can surely rely on them to score high in your SAT and ACT.

Just visit their site to know the class schedules. (www.startutors.net)

Anemometer tips and instructions

An anemometer is a mechanism that indicates the rate of wind speed. The mechanism you can build is a kind of wind speed marker. This type of manufacturer can show you an approximation of the wind speed. Wind energy can be used to produce electricity. But you need to know how fast the wind is blowing before you can use wind power. This guide will explain how to build and use a weather anemometer.

To build a weather anemometer, you will need several things. It consists of 2 sections of cardboard of the same size, 3 white plastic cups, 1 black or red plastic cup, clay, scissors, a ruler, a watch, a stapler and a pencil without tip with eraser. Follow the instructions below to create your own anemometer.

Organize your 2 pieces of cardboard to create an X and fix them in the center with a stapler. Place your cups so that they are all facing the same path. Tie them to each of the 4 edges of the X that you created with your pieces of cardboard and secure them with a stapler. Check that all cups face the same path. The color cut can be placed in any way.

Place the pencil eraser up, toward the center of the X. Press a pin on the surface of the X on the pencil eraser below. Create a support for the anemometer with clay. It would be a good idea to use enough to surround the pencil and lock the anemometer in place. Blow into the glasses to check that the device is working properly and make adjustments if necessary.

Now let’s see how to use an anemometer. First of all, you have to understand that an anemometer works essentially by making sure that the wind drives the plastic cups you just built. Place your anemometer at least 4 feet from the base. It is also essential to keep your anemometer away from blockages such as trees and structures. This will help a more accurate analysis.

Pay attention to the target cup while turning. This objective cup is the highlighted or painted cup you have made before. Using a stopwatch, determine the number of rotations of the target cup in one minute. Write down your conclusions then repeat the process several times, making sure to present the number of rotations of the target cut.

Divide the 3 assessments into three. The final product represents the average rotations per minute. Although the wind speed of an anemometer depends largely on its size, every 10 rotations per minute is equivalent to one mile per hour.

Contrast the number of days of observation. The days when the cup generated more turns were the windiest days. The days when the cut produced the least turns were the least windy. As you will notice, it is easy to mount and use a weather anemometer.

Certainly, the technology and its benefits have improved considerably over time. The general use of engineering continues to gain in importance as industrial equipment has exploded. Crane employees no longer need to estimate wind speed and if they are in a risk scenario. With additional industrial programs, industry commanders can be informed of atmospheric events that may affect the safety of personnel and equipment.

By measuring the wind speed, the anemometer can transmit an indication that can be used for many purposes. The 4000-foot range is not the last level with the transmission. The GS Series can be placed in the listening configuration, which means that one unit becomes the primary determination, transferring wind speed to many other devices, extending the presentation distance.

The use of a D-cell lithium power source provides each anemometer with a two-year tariff. They can also be connected to the energy resource for permanent placement. Designed to work in case of high RFI, the equipment can still transmit information when other people can not function properly. By providing repeater capability, an imaginative or extended response is provided that will suit most commercial situations.

Industrial improvements are always essential. Previously, bridges were entangled in an extension of network cables to allow readings of information providing security and efficiency. Unfortunately, in a sector where cables are often interposed, it was essential to develop wireless technology for products such as the anemometer to eliminate the complications that may occur.




Why You should Install Frameless Glass Shower Doors?

The most impressive is that you can install frameless glass shower doors in the bathroom. Whenever properly installed, they can give the bathroom a more general appearance, allowing the eye to pass beyond the area of ​​the glass tile housing, which is a shallow plate behind it. Of course, it is assumed that you drive with transparent glass in these glass showers, because you also have many different options that will also change form. Here are a few things to consider when you think that glass doors are something that you should put in your home.
One of the first things to consider is the safety of everyone at home. Shower doors with a standard floor height are not a big problem when they are frameless. However, if you are installing a shower door on a bathtub, you may want to consider switching from a standard door that is one of the available glass doors. This is because many of us are grabbing the door and stabilizing out of the tub. This is especially important for small children or the elderly.
Another thing to consider is whether you intend to go with a transparent frameless glass cabin or whether you intend to install one that is engraved in one way or another. It can add some expenses to standard frame doors. This is the reason why this is happening because you often need to install three-quarters glass when frameless glass showers are installed, but the standard shower enclosure will be 3/8 or 1/2 inch.
Some people also use the form of regular attachment for bathing above one, which is frightening. The shadow of the shower cubicle can be stylized in almost any way, and there are many different ends to choose from. They can help shower cubicles to fit into the overall bathroom decoration and not only save money, but you may also be able to extend your decor to a shower cabin.
Regardless of whether you install any of these frameless sprays or not, always make sure that you see different glass options available in the salon. Most people do not realize that when used in a dense construction, this transparent glass is not always transparent.
If you choose a Framless Glass shower door, you will significantly increase the value of this part of the house. A frameless glass shower cap not only looks good, but can also evade the eye before thinking that the bathroom is larger. For many people it would be sufficiently certain to establish these monotonous glass rains, but for others they would like to see all the options before making a decision.


Who Should Visit the Luxury Norfick Holiday Cottage?
You want to spend your holiday in an expensive way and at an affordable price? Then Luxury Norfick Holiday Cottage is the best place for you. This Luxury Self-catering Accommodation is located in a gorgeous rural area and on the verge of Waveney Valley. The Eight Converted Barns keeps the site busy and stunning by the beauty of the Dairy farming and the crop production taking place on the barns farms. You will be sure of fresh milk and food crops from these farms.
Where Is The Luxury Norfick Holiday Cottage Situated?
The south of the Norfilk countryside is one of the gorgeous places you can visit while in Norfilk, and since the Luxury Norfick Holiday Cottage is situated here, there are numerous natural features to enjoy here.
The Supernatural hidden waterways and the bowing skies will surprise you beyond your imaginations. The eight contemporary and luxurious accommodations were once part of the barns before an understandingly face-lift was done to upgrade them to their present luxury state.
The good news is that their original features were retained such as the fine beans and the barns entirely upgraded with very comfy interior designs among other luxury features
Why Choose Luxury Norfick Holiday Cottage?
1. Situated on a 24 hour working arable and dairy farm, thus fresh foodstuffs throughout at affordable prices.
2. Enjoy the beauty of the rural Waveney Valley.
3. Easy to take a trip to the historic city of Norwich and the Norfolk Broads situated on the furthest south.
4. Plenty of beautiful sandy beaches and other tourist attraction features located a few meters from the Wheatacre Hall Barns.
5. You will discover the beauty of Suffolk and Norfolk.
6. Comfortable places for your luxurious holiday to enjoy a mix of contemporary and traditional lifestyles.
7. High-quality services such as top quality furnishings thus feeling just like at your home.
Features In The Eight The Eight Converted Barns.
Let us take a look at one of the enormous luxury barn.
Mallard has accommodation of over seven cots. An all ground level construction with adequate space and very comfortable for your stay.
Depiction of Accommodation
1 Sleeps 7 + Cots.
2 Sitting or dining room is spacious.
3 Well equipped kitchen
4 Splendid leather sofas
5 This barn is all on the ground level.
6 Three bedrooms:
7 Bathroom
8 Separate Cloakroom.
9 Patio area with garden furniture
Plan to visit luxury dog friendly cottages Norfolk to make your holiday memorable. The beautiful features surrounding these accommodations will make your stay not only enjoyable but also memorable. Enjoy the dairy and arable farms features.

Glass Door Price

One of the most basic principles of a home remodel is that you should come up with a budget. You have to know how much money you are willing to put into it and how much on top of that you can sacrifice in case of an emergency. So, how much should you spend on glass doors? There is no straightforward answer to this question because glass door price is affected by many factors:
•    What kind of doors are you looking to install? Simple, plain glass doors? Sliding doors? French doors? Hinged doors? Etched or frosted doors? All these different styles will affect the cost of doors and thereby your budget.
•    What size of doors do you plan to install? Door sizes differ depending on the style of the home, and the more glass required for a door, the more it will cost you. Even the height of the door will matter.
•    Where are you located? In big cities finding glass doors is not very hard – there are many vendors and in order to attract customers they will often lower prices and introduce discounts. However, if you live far away from a big city the cost of your doors will increase. You may find only one or two glass shops and because there isn’t much competition the cost of their doors will be high. The distance that the doors have to be transported will also increase their cost.
•    How elaborate do you want the designs on your doors to be? This is important because if you choose complicated designs you can expect that it will cost more to accomplish them. You can choose plain glass if you are on a tight budget. If you are somewhere in the middle you can go for minimalist styles.
•    Who is doing your installation? This is possibly the most important factor when it comes to pricing and you shouldn’t skimp. Glass doors are a wonderful addition to any home but if they are poorly installed not only do they pose a risk to the occupants, they also are a waste of money. You should choose a vendor who is backed by a strong reputation and even if you have to pay more, do it so that you can successfully complete your project. You should be careful about any vendors who offer low quotes. Why would they be willing to quote lower than anyone else in the market? What shortcuts are they taking and how could they affect the outcome of your installation?
If you live in Cambridge you should talk to Go Glass. They are one of the oldest glass vendors in the city and they do great work. You can find their rates on https://goglass.co.uk/.

Place on the Bay Camps Bay South Africa

There are many cottages and villas in Camps Bay in South Africa so which one should you choose for your holiday? You have wanted to go to Table Mountain for many years and you want to have a great time – that includes getting yourself the best accommodation at an affordable rate. As you look into self accommodation you will see that there are many options to choose from but it is best not to be hasty – you may end up staying on a property that is less than satisfactory.
One of the things you ought to look into is what guests from the past have to say about any villa or cottage you have in mind. Some people book accommodation based on reviews that they find on the property website but these may not be accurate. If you want honest reviews you should look on sites like Yelp and travel websites where users leave honest and complete reviews.
While self accommodation is cheaper than hotel accommodation you should avoid booking during peak season – property owners cash in on the higher numbers of tourists by charging more. You can get a much better deal if you visit this location of season – the weather is never extreme so you will still be able to have fun.
Find out exactly what you will get in your villa or cottage. Will you have a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, barbecue and other luxuries? These villas come with a fully fitted kitchen for you to prepare your meals but you ought to confirm that you can get fresh supplies nearby. You should also find out whether you will get housekeeping and whether there are chefs available for hire.
One of the best places to book accommodation is Camps Bay. You can find out more on their website, http://campsbay.oceansandvineyards.co.za/.

Best Places to Stay In Franschhoek

While you love going on holiday to Franschhoek it has become challenging since you got children – they don’t like hotel food, they get restless staying cooped up in rooms and you get exhausted having to run around after them all day. Is there a way to enjoy time at this excellent location with your family and relax? As a matter of fact there is – you should book a self catering villa or cottage.
These facilities are designed for those who are looking for a holiday that will provide true relaxation. Instead of staying in a hotel you will stay in a villa or cottage that is fully furnished with everything that you need. Every room is luxuriously done – in some cases better than some of the hotels that are in Franschhoek.
Booking a holiday villa or cottage is not hard. You need to decide how many rooms you want – because you will have so much space you should consider bringing along extended family or even friends. These properties are much cheaper than hotels so bringing along more people will not cost you that much more. Once you decide how many rooms are enough you can then find the appropriate villa or cottage and make your booking.
All you will need to bring along, apart from your personal effects, are kitchen supplies. This is because you will prepare your own meals. If this doesn’t appeal to you you have options. You can eat in nearby restaurants, or you can ask the management of the facility to hire a cook for you. They are highly trained and can prepare all sorts of cuisine – just let them know what you would like on your menu and what time you would like to eat and you will be served like royalty.
We suggest you book Trianon – it is one of the best self catering facilities in Franschhoek. You can find out how to do that on http://trianon.oceansandvineyards.co.za/.

Holiday Houses To Rent in Franschhoek

“The last time we went on holiday I didn’t relax much at all. I was worried about how much we were spending at the hotel and it didn’t help that there was always so much happening around that I didn’t get much rest.” This is a common lament and if you have felt the same way you may want to consider renting a holiday house at Franschhoek this year.
Franschhoek is one of the top destinations in South Africa and you only need to look it up to find out why so many people go there on holiday. While there are many hotels available for rent, you may not have as relaxed a holiday as you would like if you book yourself into one of them. If, however, you opt for a villa you will enjoy a holiday that you will remember for a long time.
These villas re secluded and they come with everything that you need to relax. You get a beachfront as well as great views. Inside, the villas is tastefully furnished with everything you need to make your holiday a blast. Imagine everything you would find in a world class hotel, only this time it is in a villa. The only difference is that you have to prepare your own meals and this has several advantages.
The first is that it saves you money. You may not know it, but a huge part of your hotel bill goes to food. You can cook your own meals in a self catering villa and slash this budget. You also eat what you want whenever you want, unlike in a hotel where you are stuck to a fixed menu and have to eat at certain times only. You also know that your food is prepared in a sanitary manner and there is no danger of food poisoning.