About the Britania 1 oz Coin

The Britania 1 oz coin is one of the most popular types of gold coins that people can buy today. The Britania 1 oz coin features a distinct design that includes the image of Britannia. The precise one-ounce mass also provides a suitable form for gold investment purposes, especially for United Kingdom residents.

Near-Pure Gold

The Britania 1 oz coin features a fineness of .999 gold. The value means that each unit is made with near-pure gold. A small bit of silver is on the inside to keep the coin stable. Gold is a highly malleable material and could bend if it does not have a small backing base.

The .999 gold standard has been in use since 2013. Coins produced before then had a fineness total of .917 gold.

The General Design

The Britania 1 oz coin is about 32.69 mm in diameter and features a total mass of 31.104 grams. The coin’s official mass is one troy ounce. That name is a unit of mass used in the precious metals industry. The international yard and pound agreement state that a troy ounce is precisely 31.103476 grams.

The front features an image of Queen Elizabeth II. The reverse features Britannia, a figure who is the personification of the United Kingdom. Britannia appears with an olive branch in one hand and a trident in the other.

The reverse design also features the year that the coin was minted. The Royal Mint has been producing this coin since 1987. Coins produced from 2013 onward will also feature a .999 marker on the reverse to remind the holder that the coin features near-pure gold.

The 2013 edition of the coin is a little different. The 2013 version is 38.61 mm in diameter. The coin is slightly thinner to ensure it remains at one troy ounce in mass. This was the first year that the coin was made with the .999 gold standard, so there was a slight change in its design for that year.

The 32.69 mm diameter standard was also used before 2012. Investors will have to look at the year of production to ensure the coin includes .999 gold.

A Useful Investment For UK Residents

The one-ounce size of this Britania gold coin makes it an ideal investment, as you’ll always have an idea of what it is worth. The values of precious metals are measured based on the price per ounce. But it is an even better investment for UK residents.

The Britania 1 oz coin is legal tender in the United Kingdom. Therefore, it is exempt from the capital gains tax and the value-added tax or VAT. Anyone in the UK can make more out of this investment, thanks to how it is not subject to taxation.

Other Sizes

While the traditional one-ounce coin is ideal for investors, people can find Britania gold coins in other sizes. The Britania coin is available in 1/20, 1/10, and 1/4-ounce sizes. Half-ounce and five-ounce sizes are also available. But the one-ounce choice is the most popular one people can find today.